MPSS: Personal Assistant Service Development

The service should be a mobile application (IOs and Android) where the user can leave instructions via chat and receive a response from the operator. The first orders are executed for free, but for full-fledged work the user should be able to purchase a paid tariff.
Operators should work through the amoCRM web account, but it is necessary to make a proxy backend that works with the database and connects the amo web interface and mobile applications.

Implemented modules
Lately, we have been working hard to create the Personal Assistant App

Installation and registration
Module for user registration and authorization
Multifunctional chat
Chat service with an operator, with the ability to send audio, video and text files, real-time updates, information about status messages, user notifications

User interface
User profile (full name, contact details, time zones, device model)
Task sorting
Separate chats for tasks with the ability to sort, filter and search for them
Package Payment
Module for package paying (the ability to pay through the application or through the site, linking these types of payment)
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