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We are a close-knit professional IT development team focused on results. Due to an individual approach to each project and high synergy between team members, we achieve a predictable result in the shortest possible time.
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-We are experts-

We have expertise in the following industries

Software Development for data analysis.
Software development for financial technology companies.
Blockchain-based software development.


Backend Stack
Golang, Protocol Buffers, Docker, Node.js, WebSocket, gRPC, REST, JSON, XML
Frontend Web Techologies
JavaScript, Angular, NgRx, WebSocket, React, Redux, web3js, bitcoinjs-lib, GoHugo, Headless CMS
Mobile Apps
Swift, Kotlin, Java, SwiftUI, Jetpack, Compose, Firebase
Golang или Go (back-end), JavaScript, TypeScript (front-end), Java, Kotlin (Android), Swift (IOS)
Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT (erc729/erc1155). React, web3js, bitcoinjs-lib and highly specialized libraries
Development with us is efficient and safe
We completely take care of the entire technical part of the implementation of your idea and minimize your risks
Turnkey solution
We provide a turnkey solution. After the development process we are responsible for the implemented product and fix any technical problem no matter in which part of the service it arose. Team qualification allows us to complete all the technical tasks of the project.
Reliability and efficiency
We are a team of more than 30 people are able to solve all the technical needs of the project and implement tasks on time and efficiently. Working with us you are out of risk to loose the employee-developer.
Transparant Cost Estimation
In assessing the work, we are as detailed as possible. Breaking down the functionality of a product into elements and evaluating each of them allows you to compare the cost of implementing a feature with the expected business benefit from it and discard what is not profitable.
Business Focus
We strive to understand the business processes of our partners' projects. The experience of developing and entering into markets our own products allows us to help with development and business economics advice.
Flexible Resource Management System
A clear understanding of the terms of work allows you to conveniently plan and control the progress of development. Our ability to adapt to your growth rate eliminates the risk of overspending or product development stagnation. So, at the time of the implementation of the key functionality, we allocate additional capacities, and at the time of searching for investments or launching a product on the market, we can suspend work for a while, thus saving you money, which is especially important for startups.

We minimize errors in the development process and create scalable solutions that are easy to maintain. We have a jnt stack, so some basic things are implemented and their re-implementation will significantly save on product development.

Data science and math
We have high expertise in optimization algorithms, mathematical modeling, machine learning and data analysis.
Mobile apps development
Creation of mobile applications on the Android and iOS operating systems. The first ones are written in Kotlin using Jetpack Compose, second ones - in Swift using SwiftUI.
Development of applications using a reliable microservice-based backend written in GoLang and frontend frameworks such as Angular or React.
Blockchain development
Building web3 apps that interact directly with the blockchain, using Moralis, web3.js, bitcoinjs-lib and other crypto libraries.
How we get it done?

Statement of Work

We analyze information about product and consider your Statement of Work or create it based on your data.

Plan for Development

Based on the Statement of work, we form a work plan for each functional of the system. We evaluate each feature separately and break the work plan into stages.
We agree with you the terms, prices of work and the main conditions of the partnership agreement
Work start
We approve the schedule and get to work.
What don't we do?
We are focused on the efficient development of complex custom software, so some tasks are not included in our business process.
  • We do not use template solutions-constructors and ready-made systems to implement your tasks.

  • We do not provide outstaffing, as we work effectively in our team and are focused on results and maintaining team synergy.
We find the best solutions for our clients
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My name is Michael and I am the owner of Customapp.
I personally know all our clients and you can contact me for an project assesment and for any questions regarding the technical development of your project.